When to apply for Study Abroad (After 12th or Graduation)

Studying abroad gives you a lot of exposure. You get to interact with various cultures. You also become independent and develop your professional network. It is a great thing to study abroad. It helps you to be aware of the global market. Several students go abroad to study each year. While earlier people used to go abroad after their graduation the trend is changing. You will see many students who plan to go abroad after their 12th.

There is always a doubt in the student’s mind about when to go abroad. Should you go after your 12th? Or should you complete your graduation and go abroad for your master’s? Reach out to the best study abroad consultant in Faridabad to understand each in turn.

Why choose to study abroad after 12th

Here we analyse why it may be an option to study abroad after your 12th grade.

  • Overseas colleges give you a more flexible method of admission. Unlike India where admission is grade based. Indian colleges are also very competitive. In India, it can be difficult to get admission to good collages if you are an average student. The universities abroad are easier to get into. They also provide quality education. The academics are also more skill-based. If the student has a lot of extra co-curriculars in their resume then it is easy to get admission abroad.
  • The Indian education system is based a lot on theory. Abroad it is different. The foreign universities teach through applications. Students gain a lot of hands-on learning. When students study abroad after 12th it gives them research prospects.
  • When you go abroad for an undergraduate program you get to develop your communication and intercultural skills. You also gain management training. You become mature and are job-ready sooner.
  • Colleges abroad have access to better technology and facilities. You can leverage these benefits faster if you go abroad after the 12th. You get access to the best research centres. All this can be a great learning opportunity after the 12th.
  • When you do your graduation overseas you can get jobs faster. Aboard you can do your graduation in 3 or 4 years. The course is also flexible. So you can explore and experiment better. Reach out to the best study visa consultant in Faridabad.
  • When you do your graduation abroad you can take up any course in the area of interest. It is later that you decide on your major or your minor course. This is flexible. The students also gain practical experience. This gives them clarity on their career.
  • Basically, if you do your graduation abroad then you are one step ahead. You have a better international exposure.

Why study abroad after graduation?

Here is why you may want to study abroad after graduation.

  • The post-graduation courses are less expensive. So a PG is less expensive than a UG. This is because a PG is shorter. This however is not true for MBA. So if you want to do a PG then go abroad after your graduation as it is more econocar.
  • The students at the PG level are clearer about their professional journey. They know what they want to do. This avoids mistakes when choosing the course. Thus there is less time and money wastage.
  • A postgraduate program gives better opportunities to network. The students get to meet professionals in their stream from across the globe.
  • There are some short-term courses after graduation too. This is for those who want to learn something but want to go back to India after the course. This can be very specific to the job.

Challenges to study abroad after the 12th

  • Students may face clarity issues as they are still very unsure about their career goals.
  • The process of admission is not very straightforward.

Challenges to study abroad after graduation

  • It may not be very easy to get a job after graduation. It is important to understand the job market and the rules of immigration.
  • There are some PG courses that do not get transferred to the home country. The best overseas education consultancy in Faridabad can guide you.

How can Teg Immigration Services help you?

Studying abroad does expand one’s professional horizon. However, it is important to do proper research. Get in touch with expert Best overseas education consultant in Faridabad like Teg Immigration Services. We guide you in the course selection as well as offer professional services through the application process. They are the best study abroad consultancy in Faridabad.

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