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Canada Express Entry Program

What is Canada Express Entry Program? 

If you are a skilled worker and want to move to Canada then the Express Entry Canada program lets you enter Canada through immigration and apply for permanent residence. The Express Entry Canada was launched in January 2015. This is a point-based system. It is an online immigration program. The program was initiated by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC. It was done to accelerate the visa selection process for permanent residency in Canada. The decision-making time was reduced to six months. Since this program, it has become easy to get a Canada PR visa. If you have the necessary skills and experience then it is a cakewalk to move to Canada.

How Does the Canada Express Entry Work? 

Let us understand how this process works. Here are the steps that you need to check to make sure that you qualify for the Express Entry Canada entry.

First, check your eligibility. You need to understand your express entry eligibility by filling out the questionnaire.

You will then have to estimate your rank for the express entry draw. You will need a specific score on the CRS of the comprehensive ranking system tool.

As an interested applicant, you need to submit the profile online. After this, the federal government will determine if you are eligible for the Express Entry program. The government of Canada will evaluate and rank the candidates using the point-based system. The CRS score is then calculated based on the candidate’s age, work experience, education and language proficiency. There are some other crucial factors that are also considered.

What are the key features of Express Entry Program? 

Let us understand the features of this program. If you have been waiting for a Canada PR then the program is for you.

  • It is fast and popular for immigrants to get permanent residency. Competent professionals can benefit from this. It is however important to note that the Express Entry Canada programis not an application for the PR program. It just signifies that you are interested in being considered for the permanent resident visa.
  • Express entry is highly advantageous when you immigrate to Canada. It is popular and convenient and makes immigration faster. You can get a permanent resident visa in 6 months or less.
  • The benefit includes fast application processing. There is a reduction in the CRS or the comprehensive ranking system score.
  • The entire process is done electronically. This will avoid any discrimination. Candidates are thus selected solely on the basis of their scores.
  • The Express Entry Canada program is an immigration of the federal system. If you get an invitation to apply then you can apply to the Canadian permanent residency and can settle anywhere in Canada.
  • The program assists employers in Canada to meet their labour shortage. This is beneficial when they cannot meet their workforce demands through Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The employers employ talented and skilled workers and match them to the existing profiles. They then offer employment to the applicants through Canada Express Entry. 

Who is Eligible for Canada Express Entry Program? 

The Canada Express entry program is based on a point-based system. This helps to assess the candidate. This method helps to quickly pick up those candidates who have a higher chance of success. Here are some criteria for the Canada Express entry point based system

Age– If you are over 18 years but less than 40 years then you get maximum points.

Education – This is a crucial eligibility criterion for Canada express entry. Your educational credentials should match the secondary schooling in Canada.

Work experience – To apply through the Canadian express entry route you should have at least 12 months of work experience in the last three years

Language proficiency – It is important to be proficient either in English or French. This is evaluated through the CLB or the Canadian language benchmark. It is calculated based on the marks that you score in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System )or the CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program )examination.

Adaptability – You can get points here by listing either your spouse or a common-law partner

Arranged employment – If you have a valid job offer under the FSWP from your employer then you get points here.

How to apply for Canada PR Visa online from India?

Here are the steps to apply for the Canada PR visa online from India.

  • Fill out the application form
  • Scan and upload all your documents asked for
  • Pay the fee
  • Submit your completed application
  • Apply and check the application status


After submitting the Express Entry Canada profile you need to wait for the Express Entry Canada invitation. If you get an invitation then you need to apply in 60 days.

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