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Nova Scotia PNP Programme

Situated on the south-eastern shore, Nova Scotia Island i.e. seaside state in Canada is a beautiful spot for beachgoers. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital city, is known for world-renowned ocean-related institutes such as the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. In recent years, a large number of immigrants are welcomed by Nova Scotia from all over the globe. Halifax’s immigration rate has increased dramatically. Let’s have a look at what draws people to this gorgeous Canadian province. Nova Scotia targets at potential candidates by taking into account their human capital qualities and experience that are required to strengthen the province’s communities and economy.

What Exactly Is Nova Scotia PNP?

Although PNP and Express Entry Program both are almost similar, PNP program of Nova Scotia is an alternative. This initiative, launched by Canadian provinces, aims to recruit job candidates from other nations. The Nova Scotia PNP is intended for persons who wish to establish in the province.

For individuals drawn to the natural beauty, beautiful places, low-cost lifestyle, and superior education and healthcare system, the Nova Scotia PNP is the simplest way to get Canada Residency for up to five years. Not only does it assist people in settling in Nova Scotia, but it also meets the province’s need for new and talented workers. There are four key initiatives aimed to assist persons in obtaining a permanent residence visa for Nova Scotia. Among these programmes are:

  • Stream for International Graduate Entrepreneurs
  • Entry-Level Skilled Worker Program
  • Stream of Entrepreneurs
  • Express Entry to Nova Scotia 

Eligibility Requirements for the Nova Scotia PNP

Below mentioned eligibility criterion determines whether a candidate applying for PNP gets to reside in the province of Nova Scotia.

Before applying for the programme, make sure you satisfy the following requirements.

  • An age between 18 and 49 should be considered.
  • You must demonstrate your desire and the reasons why you wish to settle in Nova Scotia.
  • At least one year of experience is required in your field.
  • You must pass the Canadian Language Proficiency Test with a satisfactory score.
  • Your qualifications should meet the Canadian board’s basic educational criteria.

What attracts people to Nova Scotia?

Below are the reasons that you might take in to consideration while relocating to Nova Scotia:

  • Affordability in Lifestyle
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Beautiful Attractions
  • Suitable for Families
  • Diversification

Factors That Disqualify You from the Nova Scotia PNP

If you fall into any of the following categories mentioned below then your eligibility is declined to apply for the Nova Scotia PR visa:

  • Residing in a nation presently where you are NOT officially permitted to stay.
  • If you have received a nomination or endorsement (NSNP or Atlantic Immigration Pilot) within the previous 12 months.
  • You have  participated in the Live-In Caregiver Program in Canada.
  • You have come to Canada on humanitarian or compassionate  grounds or sought refugee status.
  • You filed for refugee status in Canada but were denied. You’ve been served with a deportation order by IRCC or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • You are presently enrolled at a post-secondary institution in Canada.
  • You got a scholarship or prize that required you to return to your native country after graduation but have yet to do so.

Time Needed for Nova Scotia PNP Application

The PNP of Nova Scotia is so far one of the fastest ways to acquire without dealing with a lengthy procedure. The province’s overall time to accept your application and grant you migration authorization is determined by how quickly you submit the documentation. The province usually completes the operation in 3-6 months.