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Alberta PNP Programme

It’s no surprise that most immigrants select Alberta province to settle down in Canada, given the high-standard lifestyle and first-rate healthcare facilities. Furthermore, the state provides a plethora of professional and employment options, making residents’ lives very easy and financially stable. In this post, we’ll go over the best ways to apply for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. There are two primary migration streams that allow people to move to Alberta, which are:

  • Alberta’s Nominee Migration Program.
  • Express Entry System in Alberta

Express Entry Program in Alberta

Only a small proportion of candidates are chosen for Canada immigration under this scheme. To be authorised for Alberta migration, the individual must be semi-skilled or skilled in a certain occupation. The most worthy and qualified individuals are shortlisted for the nomination process from the pool of applicants that participate in the Express Entry Program. You will be assessed by the Canadian authorities to check if you are a good fit for immigration or not depending on your Express Entry score.

It is vital to remember that applying under this stream might be quite difficult for applicants. You should hunt for a competent immigrant service provider who can help you create your Express Entry profile and submit your application. They are generally aware of the most recent revisions and new rules in the Express Entry system. To ensure a more smooth application procedure, the experience and knowledge of a professional immigration service provider will help you. As, every year, IRCC allocates a certain amount of nominations to AINP.

Alberta Nominee Immigration Program

As one of the popular immigrant programmes of Canada, in AINP, an Expression of Interest is submitted by the federal government to Alberta province. The authorities then select the candidates depending on their Express Entry score. The individuals who have been chosen are nominated for the Canada PR Visa. Candidates who achieve the minimal qualification score are chosen from the Express Entry Draw. An extra 600 points are added to the Express Entry Profile of the candidate, which enhances their chances for a PR visa nomination.

Candidates who feel their occupation is in great demand in Alberta might consider enrolling in a programme. Below are the categories mentioned that you can use to apply for a PR visa of Canada via Alberta PNP.

  • The Strategic Recruitment Stream is further subdivided into post-graduate worker, required and optional trade categories, and post-graduate worker.
  • The Employer-driven Stream consists of three categories: semi-skilled employees, skilled workers, and overseas graduates.
  • The Self-employed Farmer Stream is for you if you wish to buy property in Alberta for agricultural and farming jobs.

Highly preferred occupations in Alberta?

The list of eligible in-demand occupations in Alberta is as follows:

  • Occupations in Management
  • Applied and Natural Sciences, as well as Related Professions
  • Occupations in Finance and Business Administration
  • Health Occupations in Religion, Government Service, Education, and Social Science
  • Jobs in Sales and Customer Service
  • Occupations in Sport, Recreation, Culture, and Art
  • Occupations in Manufacturing, Processing, and Utilities Equipment, Transportation, Trades and Operators, and Associated Occupations

Processing Time for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

The processing time for the Alberta PNP is primarily determined by how quickly you submit your documentation and how precise your application is. In general, the processing time might range from 7 to 8 months. Again, the normal time is for candidates who timely submit all legal papers. Any issue might cause the PNP processing time to be delayed. So, before applying for Permanent Residency in Canada, make sure to seek competent guidance. The pros will assist you in completing the application procedure as quickly as feasible.