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SINP PNP Programme

Saskatchewan is an ideal province for immigrants due to its excellent level of living. The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program is your choice to acquire permanent resident status. First and foremost, Saskatchewan is Canada’s agricultural capital, accounting for 56% of total wheat crop output and supply in the country. Mining is another major career in Saskatchewan. As the state’s economy grows, it need mining professionals and agricultural workers to meet the state’s manpower demands. Saskatchewan is a significant uranium and potash exporter.

Facilities Offered In Saskatchewan for Immigrants to Reside?

  • Education: Children below20 years of age are entitled to public school education i.e. free in Saskatchewan.
  • High standard of living: Saskatchewan generates power from natural resources. Natural power is the source of meeting energy requirements in the majority.Having said that, life in Saskatchewan is quite inexpensive. People enjoy a high-quality but low-cost lifestyle. So far, Saskatchewan is the least expensive province in Canada for immigrants.
  • Housing: Renting a house or purchasing a new property in Saskatchewan is inexpensive for migrants planning to reside there. The average cost of a house in Saskatoon, according to data, is $352,000.
  • Medical: Free healthcare services for national and foreign citizens is another feature that makes Saskatchewan an ideal location for Canadian immigration. As long as you have a Canada PR card, you may access basic healthcare for free in Saskatchewan.
  • Commerce & Employment: With an unemployment rate of less than 4%, Saskatchewan is an excellent choice for immigrants looking for a stable work in Canada. As previously said, agriculture is the most common employment in the city. If agriculture is not your cup of tea, you can find jobin healthcare and other service industries like real estate, finance, communication, banking, and more.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

SPNP can be the best option to apply for permanent residence and get the Canadian PR Visa for individuals for five years looking for the fastest and simplest means to acquire Canada PR status. The following are the most prevalent Saskatchewan PNP categories:

  1. International Skilled Employee

The SPNP is meant for those individuals who wish to do a job to move to Canada The method evaluates applicants’ eligibility based on the points they acquire in the Saskatchewan Immigration Point Calculator.

Below are the prerequisites for Saskatchewan residency:

  • You have to obtaina minimum of 60 points out of 100 points in the points calculator system.
  • You must have at least one year of experience in a certain occupation.
  • You must have gained this expertise within the last ten years.
  • CLBA requires at least 4 points (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment).
  • The candidate must have received a job offer from a Saskatchewan-based firm. This career opportunity should be rated as O, A, or B.
  • Candidates looking for a job in a regulated trade must provide proof of a valid licence.
  1. Saskatchewan Experience category
  • Current Work Permit Candidates who have lived in Saskatchewan for the previous six months and worked for a specific firm are eligible to apply for permanent residence. However, the firm where you have been working must be willing to recruit you on a permanent basis.
  • If you live in Saskatchewan and work for a healthcare firm, you fall into this group. The candidate must have at least 6 months of experience in the healthcare industry.
  • Sub-Category of the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project: Candidates who work as a food/beverage server, housekeeper, cleaning member, and so on.
  • Long-haul Truck Driver Subcategory: International truck drivers who have worked for a trucking firm.