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Free Study Abroad Counselling 

One of the biggest decisions is to go and study abroad. You need to choose the right country and the university. You need the right guidance to help you choose the college and course to match your career goals. While you may want to get help from friends and family, they may not know the complete process. If you need professional guidance then reach out to us. We offer free study abroad counselling where we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each course that you have shortlisted. We help you make a prudent decision to help assist in your study abroad dreams. Register with us and our eminent experts will offer counselling to aspiring candidates wanting to pursue their academic studies in a foreign country. We help to widen your individual perspective and give you the desired knowledge. We offer this at zero cost ensuring that you have a hassle-free journey in your overseas study application.

Course Selection

Course selection is considered one of the most difficult things when planning to study abroad. However, it is very important. It is what will define your career.
It is thus important that you make the right choice. Foreign universities offer a number of courses in the same field. This is for the short and long term. Students thus need to think and come up with the right choice. Considering so many choices it can be really difficult to make the right decision. Our experts take you through this selection helping you choose the right course. There is the course duration, university and financial strength that should be considered. We help you choose the course not only on the basis of your interest but also on the basis of future demands. Our counselling ensures that there is no trouble later on. We provide suggestions for the best courses that suit your academic, personal and financial parameters.

Shortlisting of Colleges / University

There are several international universities. This makes it difficult to finalise one. The global colleges attract big scholarships. They offer various courses. All these could be overwhelming. We assist you in understanding the programs and guide you in choosing the right school. The choice of the country is also important. We help students select the college based on its accreditation, ranking, course offered and location. This is matched with the student’s academic scores, personal preferences and finances so he makes the right choice. So even if you know which country to relocate to or have no idea we help you with the selection. We do all the research for it be it facilities, study program transportation, living expenses or the weather. Studying abroad may not be very straightforward. You should know which ranking system to consider. There is a teaching environment, internship programs and other data-driven hierarchies that decide the better university.

Visa Interview Preparation

A visa interview is an important step in the study abroad admission cycle. Our team is well aware of all the visa requirements. They understand the immigration processes and the checklists. Our team helps students with tips and advice on how to clear the visa interview. We conduct the interview preparation classes to make students feel comfortable and confident for the interview. The visa interview lets the candidates make a good impression on the academic counsellor. You need preparation, professionalism, confidence and communication skills. We guide you and provide advice on how to improve your skills. Our experts help in increasing your vocabulary through activity classes and practice sessions.

We also design modules to assess students. There are daily sessions for beginner-level candidates. If you are looking to get trained to crack the visa interview then you are at the right place. We help you well so you walk with confidence and do not mess up your visa interview.

Visa Application Assistance

A student visa is essential to go to study abroad. It is basically an endorsement by the immigration officer on your passport. This denotes that you are allowed to enter and stay abroad to study for a specified period of time. Once you get information about enrolment in your chosen university you can apply for the student visa. It is important to start this process early. If you need to seek any financial aid then you need to apply for the visa very early. The entire process is not straightforward. There are several steps involved depending on where you plan to study. Once you take our services, we advise you on ways to go about the process. We inform you of the latest conditions and requirements for the visa. We assist you in arranging the documents. Then we direct you to the official site. We also certify your documents, translate them as well and courier them for you.

SOP Writing 

SOP or Statement of Purpose is a document that is a part of your study abroad application process. It is an essay where the candidate has to state about their professional and academic background. They need to write about their career goals and the reason why they have applied to the said college and course. In short, the student needs to sell themselves through an SOP and let the college believe that they are a good fit for the course. A well-crafted SOP makes one stand out from the other applicants. Your SOP can thus make or break your dream of studying at a particular university abroad. If you are stuck on how to write a professional SOP then we have you covered. We write the best SOP for you that is original and creative and does not fail to create an impact. We have a separate team of writers who write the statement of purpose. When you order the SOP from us you get nothing but the best. We understand how institutions assess their letters and we thus follow the guidelines to ensure that your SOP will not fail to impress.

LOR Writing 

Letter of Recommendation or LOR is a document that is written by someone who is ready to attest to the character, skill and abilities of the candidate. This is a part of the application process.
A strong LOR is essential as it helps in strengthening the candidate’s application. The LOR should have information about the candidate’s relationship with the writer. It should have other details of the writer namely his or her qualification. The writer could be a mentor, former employer or a professor who can give details on the candidates’ ability and potential. The selection board will read the LOR and gauge your potential. They will understand what your performance was as an employee or student and get an overall picture of your professionalism. The LOR lets the colleges filter the right candidate. It is thus vital to have a well-written LOR. We help in crafting a professional LOR. We also provide you with the correct format. Thus, we will ensure that your LOR will easily get you into the shortlisted candidates list.

Financial Assistance

It is expensive to study abroad. We thus work with our students to understand what their financial strengths are. We understand their requirements and this lets us offer them unbiased assistance. We assist students in setting up a local bank account in the country that they have chosen to study in. This lets them get easy access to funds to pay bills and manage their living expenses. Many students choose to work while they study. The bank account makes it easy for the employer to deposit the salary. Studying abroad involves a high amount of fees. However, that should not deter someone from their dreams of a foreign education. We give you complete details of all kinds of expenses that you will need to bear. We also offer many program and country options to meet your financial condition. We have collaborated with many financial institutions to arrange for finances to meet our students’ requirements. We can help you to get an instant student loan. We are also aware of the several scholarships that universities offer. We will help you to apply for the same as well.

Immigrations Consultant
Immigration Consultant in Faridabad

Preparation for departure

You have received your acceptance and have begun the countdown to departure. This however is the time for preparations. We offer a pre-departure guidance session. We guide students on various aspects of studying in a foreign country.
We offer guidance on the documents that one should carry. Medical, passport and travel insurance are just a few of the important documents that should be with you. Missing out on any paper will debar you from boarding the plane.
We also offer guidance related to the country. A new country will have different law systems and cultures. There will be questions on where should one stay and also get their food from. Transport systems and other dos and don’ts are also discussed. The briefing is authentic and offers clarity. Our experts elaborate on every doubt that a student may have.
Students are also advised about items related to personal use. Be it household items or clothes we have a checklist ready of what all the students will need. We thus offer complete help to ensure that the student does not just get accepted to a university but also settles down well in a new country.