Importance of IELTS PTE for study abroad

Studying abroad has become popular. It helps students to expand their knowledge and exposure. It is mandatory for students to prove their language proficiency before they get admission to colleges abroad. Get guidance from the best IELTS coaching centre in Faridabad.

Pearson Test of English or PTE and the International English Language Testing System or IELTS are the two most popular language tests.

These are standard tests that measure the individual’s English language proficiency. Students are tested on writing, listening, speaking and reading. Both the scores are recognised across foreign universities. It is important to get a good score on this test to obtain a visa.

IELTS and PTE – How do they compare

You are now aware that IELTS and PTE are standard English language exams. Even though they serve the same purpose, they give a different structure and format.

PTE uses advanced computer technology to assess English language skills. IELTS is paper-based and also has a face-to-face interview. PTE uses a point-based scoring method. IELTS has a band system.

It is important to know the difference between these tests. The Best IELTS coaching institute in Faridabad will help you.

Structure and format

Both are standard tests to assess the proficiency in English language. It is meant for the non-native English speakers. PTE is computer-based and tests through computer-adaptive questions. IELTS is both computer and paper-based.

Both test the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. In PTE the writing and reading section is combined. There are fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choices. In the speaking section, candidates need to record answers to scenarios. Listening involves audio recording with questions.

In IELTS the reading section has a passage with matching and multiple choice. The writing test involves a summary of a diagram and a working essay. Speaking involves an interview and the listening includes an audio recording with questions

PTE is shorter than the IELTS examination

Scoring in PTE has an automatic scoring system. It determines the candidate’s score based on some predefined method. The test score is based on a 10-90 scale and there is a 1-point increment. The overall score is calculated based on the average score. There is no human bias as the scoring is done by a computer. 

IELTS uses a band scoring system. This ranges from 0 to 9. The increment is 0.5. The score is obtained based on human examination. The candidate’s achievement and accuracy are mostly determined by a human examiner.

Both their scoring method is not comparable. It is believed that PTE is easier for pronunciation and grammar. IELTS is better for task and time management.


There is some variation in the difficulty levels of these tests. The best IELTS institute in Faridabad will tell you about it. PTE is considered to be difficult because of its structure. IELTS is considered to be very straightforward.

There is a difference in approach on how they test. PTE has a very integrated method. IELTS tests each section separately.

Which of the two is easier is difficult to determine. Some find PTE easier as it offers multiple language skills. Some find IELTS easy because it is a traditional method of testing.

Cost and availability

Both tests are available. IELTS is accepted in 140 countries and there are over 1600 centres. PTE is available in over 50 countries and there are 300 test centres.

PTE is computer-based so can be taken at any time. The result comes in 48 hours. IELTS is paper-based and thus one needs to find a convenient time to take the test. The results take longer too.

The cost of the exam is determined by the test centre and the country. PTE is usually cheaper.

It is however easy to register for both tests. It is done online.

Which is better for you

You now understand the importance of taking the PTE or IELTS test. Understand the test format and availability rom the best IELTS coaching in Faridabad. Also, know the duration and the ease of getting results. This can be a factor that will help you decide on which exam to take. You also need to know which university prefers what. Australia, the UK and New Zealand accept both tests. USA however accePTE IELTS more than PTE. Thus check the institution requirements before you apply for the test.

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