How to get Canada PR visa from India?

It’s the dream of millions of people to live in a developed country like Canada. In this blog, we have mentioned all the ways, using which you can achieve this dream of yours. After reading this blog post you will get to know all the requisites that you need to have to elevate your chances of getting a Canada PR visa from India.

Depending on the immigrant category or sort, the Canadian government has devised a range of techniques and plans to receive a Canada permanent residence visa from India. You must fulfil the eligibility requirements and adhere to the application procedure of the immigration programme you select in order to apply for a PR visa because each programme has distinct requirements and processes.

Popular programs/routes to obtain a Canada PR visa

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Investor/Entrepreneur Program
  • Self-employed Program
  • Family class Immigration

Applying for a Canada PR visa through the Express Entry system

One of the most used methods for obtaining a Canada PR visa from India is the Express Entry System. Three crucial categories are part of Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Qualification Standards and Selection Criteria for Express Entry

The following qualifications must be met by the applicant in order to be eligible for the Express Entry Program:

  • Possess a minimum of one year of experience in a specialised occupation.
  • Must get a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) seven or more in English/French.
  • Using an Education Credential Assessment, postsecondary education meets Canadian standards (ECA).
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): The PNPs provide a pathway for those who want to come to a specific Canadian province or territory.

Qualification Standards and Selection Criteria for Provincial Nominee Program

You must follow the following steps in order to apply for a PNP programme in Canada:

  • Locate an appropriate PNP by researching all the provinces and territories where you plan to immigrate and examining the requirements of each PNP.
  • PNP application: You should submit your application for that Province after selecting an appropriate PNP.
  • The province or nominee will nominate the applicant for Canadian permanent residence if their application is accepted. Provincial Nominee Certificate.
  • Finally, submit an application for permanent residence.
  • Only Family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are sponsored
    • Members who can sponsor:
      • Marital or common-law partner
      • Contingent Child (adopted or biological)
      • Grandparents and parents

Documents necessary to apply for a PR visa to Canada from India

You must provide a few essential papers when going through the federal Express Entry System’s step-by-step process in order to apply for a Canada PR visa. The essential paperwork needed to apply for a Canadian PR (Permanent Resident) visa is listed below:

  • A valid educational credential assessment, such as WES, ICAS, IQAS, etc., is provided by an authorised assessing authority.
  • IELTS exam: You must submit a language proficiency test with a least CLB 7 score in either French or English.
  • Whenever the immigration office requests it, a medical examination certificate
  • When requested by the visa office, provide a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).
  • Submitting a birth certificate is necessary if you are listing dependent children.
  • If you are “married,” a marriage certificate is necessary.
  • Also, if your status as “married” has changed, you will need to show supporting documentation.
  • Documents pertaining to proof of finances, such as official letters from any banks or financial institutions, etc., must be supplied.

Processing time

Canada’s processing time The PR Visa is different for each programme; the Express Entry Program of Canada, on average, takes six months to complete a candidate’s application, whilst other programmes, such as the Provincial Nominee Program, may take nine to twelve months. The processing time might depend on the kind of application, required papers, and so on.

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